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Cryptoparty - Protect Your Online Privacy in the Age of Mass Surveillance

ORG Cardiff is organising a Cryptoparty on Saturday 10 May, 2pm, at the Founders Hub (119 St Mary St, Cardiff). You will learn how to browse the internet anonymously, encrypt your emails and chat securely.

The Snowden revelations have shown us how our everyday communication is monitored and all our online activities are tracked. It's time to find out how to protect our online communication and maintain our right to privacy.

At the Cryptoparty, you can learn how to browse the internet anonymously, encrypt your emails and chat securely. Tech facilitators will explain how surveillance works and how we all can protect ourselves. They will teach useful tools such as TOR, PGP and OTR. If you bring your laptop, you will be able to install and learn these tools step by step.

Cryptoparties are open to everyone, from complete beginners to technical experts. They provide practical tips to activists, lawyers, journalists, doctors, social media users and occasional email and internet users to understand how to protect their documents, emails and passwords from being accessed.

In an informal workshop setting we will share skills and knowledge on how to communicate securely over the internet. If you're an advanced cryptography user and would like to volunteer at the event by sharing your skills with others, please just leave us a comment below.

Sign up on the MeetUp page: http://www.meetup.com/ORG-Cardiff/events/177249972/ If you want to attend but don't wish to use MeetUp, please email cardiff at openrightsgroup dot org.

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